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6 good reasons to buy an inflatable spa

You will easily find answers to your needs for relaxation and relaxation with a jacuzzi spa in France. After a busy day, a stressful week, there is no better way to untie tense muscles ... Indeed, the inflatable spa is a good way to relax and get a massage. Not yet convinced? Here are 6 great reasons to buy an inflatable spa. He is nomad The inflatable spa is compact and very easy to transport. For example, you can choose to position it indoors during the winter season, and outdoors for the rest of the year. Whirlpool baths are at your fingertips. You can also consider adding it to your suitcases during holidays, or business trip, why not? It offers comfort To invite comfort into your home, nothing more than an inflatable spa! Indeed, it will bring a touch of luxury to your home. It is a fully-fledged device that will be able to be embellished with comfort elements such as headrests, cup holders or steps.

It is easy to install

An inflatable spa for 4 people weighs a little over 30 kg when empty and requires 10 to 20 minutes to be installed. Indeed, installing your inflatable spa is almost child's play. However, you should make sure to position it on a flat, stable and smooth surface although an insulating floor mat is supplied with your spa. A well-kept lawn will also be perfect.

It is ready to use

Rest assured, an inflatable spa is actually self-inflating. You just have to find electricity and water connections, and a garden hose. The power cable connects to any secure electrical outlet. Also, the interest of the inflatable spa lies in its concept of "all integrated": when it is filled, you only have to start the system so that the water rises in temperature.

It is effective

The benefits of the spa are numerous. With an ideal temperature close to 38 ° C, your vessels dilate, which leads to better blood circulation and a lowering of blood pressure. Hydromassage gives you a real feeling of well-being. Also, regular use of the spa helps digestion, tones the skin and helps to eliminate manifestations of stress.

It is accessible

No installation work required, which is already a saving for you. Then, the price of an inflatable spa is reasonable: you can find it from € 429.00. In terms of consumption, the amount of water required is less than for a traditional spa, around 800 liters of water for a 4-seater inflatable spa; as for the operating cost, it is estimated at around € 5 per month of electricity.

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