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Adding value to your home

Investing in a swimming pool or spa jacousie has become accessible. The models offered are diverse and varied, suitable for all tastes and all budgets.

Everyone dreams of a swimming pool at home! Especially after the scorching summer we experienced last year. In the 4th quarter of 2020, the swimming pool market returned to growth, recording invoiced sales of + 17% in October, + 32% in November and + 22% in December.

Why invest in a swimming pool?

The motivations for affording your own pool are varied. For many families, buying a swimming pool is all about having fun, enjoying this limitless distraction and relaxing after work while staying at home. The swimming pool is also a convivial space around which we like to meet with family or friends, and thus experience moments of well-being.

The "sporty" side can also motivate the purchase of a swimming pool. There is no need to recall the benefits of swimming, often recommended by doctors and physiotherapists in the event of back pain or joints, or simply to keep in shape. Finally, installing a swimming pool or a jacousie in your garden gives added value to your property. When a buyer has the choice between a house with a swimming pool and another with a simple garden, this arrangement can make all the difference.

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