A boating day out in Sicily

Sicily is your taste for your next vacation and looking for how to occupy your days once there? What route to do on the island? Which beaches to choose? This article is made for you!

The capital city, Palermo

Our top things to do and see in Sicily begin with, its capital, Palermo. It is a very rich city in terms of buildings and historical monuments and the ideal place to visit if you like churches and palaces.

The beaches of white sand

Wild, preserved, with a transparent background, Fontane Bianche brings together all that one can wish for basking and swimming in perfect tranquility in a paradise setting. Some may find some of the streams of Marseille, the island of Porquerolles, or Corsican coves. In short, places of character, where we would like to sometimes disappear.


Nicknamed the treasure of Sicily, the city of Taormina is world well-known for the superb view of this small town suspended on the plain of Catania, Etna and Isola Bella. This is one of the tourist cities in Sicily, so it is better to go there out of season to make the most of it. If you have decided to go to the east coast of the island, it's a must. Do not miss in Taormina:

Syracuse and Ortega Island

On the east coast of Sicily are the cities of Syracuse and the charming island of Ortigia which is the momentous center. It's simplicity in Ortigie everything is pretty: monuments, squares, fountains, palaces and churches. And in addition, there is very good ice cream. As you can see, with a boat rental sicily, you will love staying on this island.

The temples of Selinunte

With their view of the sea, the temples of Selinunte are the big favorite of the trip to Sicily. A must see! Spread over 2 distinct sites (to go from one to the other it is recommended to take your car), several temples are to see. Some are very well conserved others in less good condition.

The experts did not know with cert to which theology was devoted the temples, they preferred to name them according to the alphabetical letters. Do not be surprised to visit temples A, B or C. The site is really beautiful and you will take a good half of the day. If you can, stay there until sunset.

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