Keeping in touch with your health all winter

The days are short, the nights are long, and the outside is hot. Here's how to make sure that this cold and flu season keeps your family healthy and happy.

Beware of eating no - no's

It's time to do some math homework to keep your kids healthy this season: here are foods and drinks you should add and those you should subtract this winter, including one of your favorite all-time kids who actually lower their immune systems and make them more susceptible to disease during the flu and cold seasons.

Lunches to learn

Time to tell the truth about some lunchbox: last semester, were there more days than not when your child returned home with half of his food untouched? If so, it's time to have lunch again. After all, if your young learner does not eat his PB&Js, he will find it hard to learn his ABCs. Begin your lunchbox revolution with these seven keys to the success of school lunch and find inspiration

Filling in the tank

The chilly, dark winter mornings make it particularly difficult to get up a few minutes early to whip up a tasty, hearty kiddos breakfast. But a cereal bowl of sugar is not the kind of high-octane fuel they need to make through a demanding day at school. The good news for you? With little effort, a protein-and-vitamin-packed breakfast can be added. Select easy, nutrition-loaded food such as eggs (keep a few hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator for days you're running late), milk, cottage cheese, whole grains, fruit, and yogurt.

Do you avoid colds? Don't get away from the cold

Your parental instincts may tell you that you should keep them safe from the cold to keep children healthy. But that can mean watching a screen for long hours, inert, with multiple negative health implications for your child, including Nature Deficit Disorder. Do not hesitate to take a foray into the great outdoors as long as they are warmly dressed or even a quick jump to your local park. Hence, the necessity of spa tubs for sale.

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