The greatest places to be seen by boat

Italy is a paradise for pleasure boating, with its endless coastline and splendid sunny and mild Mediterranean climate for boat hire italy. The archipelagos, coastlines and lakes of Italy are an attraction not only for the isolation of busy Italian cities and crowded mainland beaches, but also for the quintessential glamor that is unique to Italian heliocentric life.

The islands of Phlegra, Naples

There's no spot better known for luxurious living than Capri, Ischia, and Procida's island escapes. The island of Capri has been a refuge for over 2,000 years, from Emperor Tiberius to poet-diplomat Pablo Neruda, for an array of famous figures. For its sea grottoes and exotic architecture, which form a backdrop for the jet-set, it is most notable. Ischia is the archipelago's largest island and is also known as the "green island" because of its fertile landscape. Ischia is also known for its glowing mineral springs and thermal baths on the edge of the water.

Salerno's Amalfi Coast

The backdrop for sailing along the Amalfi Coast is the colorful houses on cliffs and lemon trees. From the larger ports of Naples and Salerno, the coastline is easily accessible, and marina facilities are available in some of the small towns along the coast like Sorrento. Sailing in this area is a gateway to the busy summer towns overlooking the sea. Try not to miss the Ravello Festival, one of the most popular historic summer music and arts festivals in Italy, while in the city.

Archipelago of Maddalena, Sardinia

When cruising between Corsica and Sardinia around the Maddalena archipelago, it's hard to remember that you're not in the Caribbean. Comprising seven main islands and several additional small islands, it has plenty of wind for sailing while at the same time offering countless coves and secluded bays to find shelter from the storm and plunge into the crystal clear tepid water. The region is a pleasant break from the crowded beaches of the mainland coast of Italy, with hundreds of long white sandy beaches around more than 60 islands.

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