Wellness through the bubbles

Bubbles are made with the mixture of air and water. Bubbles are sent with force by a jet pump. Bubbles help you relax and give a spirit of liveliness to your hot container experience. Foam is the result of jet bubbles holding their form after the jets are twisted off. Foams has contaminates such as body lotion, suntan oil or soap remainder that hasn’t been corroded or picked up by sieves.


It includes the use of water for comforting a painful body or fast-moving the recovery of the other muscular complaints. It is the association of water and air with heat to stimulate welfare. There is a long history of using water treatment or hydrotherapy for health matters such as muscular conditions and aching diseases.

Hydro massage

It involves the art of taking precaution to yourself. There is no one moment during the day which is better than another. The important thing is to choose the right one. When you are more eager to leave the world and continue in silence with yourself. Adjusts the water temperature at around 36° and 37° and dive yourself into a measurement of absolute peace. The feeling is paradise the fatigue drifts away; the body leaves itself for relaxation. The mind drains to leave space for emotion.

Beneficial heat

In order to naturalize the body it is in any case good exercise to start with a bath no longer than 10° until getting the needs of each individual. Before hydro massage, at least once a month, it is advisable to carry out a body brush to clean the skin, releasing it from all the dead cells.

Water games

Water becomes the ideal space to carry out exercise which represent a helpful and at the same time being funny. It is an extra way to respect your body through workout like;

Shoulder and neck

Submerge yourself completely in the water, inclined against the back rest. Assure that your shoulders are submerged. With a spherical movement, slowly switches the shoulder frontward and backward five times. Do that after some pauses and complete the exercise at least three times.


Submerge in the bath while incline to the back and breathe in intensely while you breathe out. Softly contracts the abdominal muscles. Do a series of five exercises calmly and increase gradually.

An effective sauna

Before going for a sauna avoids alcohol and medicines which interrelates with sweltering. Drink 2 to 4 cups of cold water. It helps us to find a better equilibrium with our self by exciting relaxation, joyfulness and good bound. Treat yourself with a Jacuzzi and buyjacuzzi for sale.

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