What if you go on holiday to Biarritz?

The idea is not unpleasant and feeling the sea breeze is good for your morale but also for your health. This small French town is a very popular place and remains a very significant fishing port. A holiday resort, Biarritz has long been a small town for relaxation and entertainment. The seaside resort offers an ambiance honoring the beauty of the local nature. So take advantage of your rental in Biarritz for a getaway allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery while appreciating the eclecticism of regional architecture.

Visit Biarritz

With a mild climate a small area, Biarritz can be easily visited on foot. The town benefits from a wide sandy coast to the north and one with cliffs to the south. At dusk, the small town gives a very breathtaking image of the series of hills dominating the coast. Biarritz also retains its notoriety as a small fishing town, allowing visitors to taste an unusual daily life. Walking through the heart of the town, one can appreciate an atypical culture and a way of life following the calm of nature, all of this embellishing a very tasty gastronomy.

Tourist attractions in Biarritz

The beauty of Biarritz is reflected in its glorious weather and its coastline. The impressive collection of architecture is also an invaluable gem of the small town. An inspiring collection for many writers. Nature predominates in Biarritz with must-see sites such as Géoportail and the site of Pike perch. Embracing this nature, the ten monuments of Biarritz relate the history of the town as a whole. An emblematic work, the rock of the Virgin is an essential passage in the city. And in a few places, pastry making is the local gem at Miremont. In terms of fun, the municipal casino is wide open and remains a richly decorated building artistically.

Holiday seasonal rental in Biarritz

For those who are charmed by all these beauties of Biarritz and looking for an ideal place to stay with family or friends, the seasonal Biarritz vacation rentals is a better solution for a pleasant stay. Biarritz is a tourist destination par excellence and has a large number of seasonal rentals. To find the rental in Biarritz suited to your needs, it is important to properly estimate the location or the location of the accommodation in relation to the city center or in relation to the beach and especially the price. Apartment close to the city, studio by the sea or holiday residence in Biarritz center, the choice is vast and can meet all requirements. The services offered by seasonal vacation rentals in Biarritz are not limited by the quality of accommodation, but extend to the development of sports and relaxation activities such as tennis, swimming pool, spa, sauna, etc. a stay of relaxation or a stay of discovery, the seasonal vacation rental in Biarritz will meet all expectations.

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