Have a truly amazing time in Croatia with Samboat

It is your first time in Croatia and you want to do an island boat tour, do some researches on Samboat travel agency to use and decide to give the tour try. Visiting the blue cave tour can be such a marvelous experience for you. Croatia gorgeous island and caves with beautiful backgrounds. With Samboat you have the best prices guaranteed. Save up to 40% on boat rental by booking on Samboat. You always have the choice to sail without or with a skipper.

What Samboat offers


Immediately you arrive at the boat you are welcome graciously. This helps avoid pressure to sailing novices. Beds are done; lingerie at your disposal are towels and kitchen towels. You will be received by a Samboat staff. The day after your coming the captain have to go and assemble the boat documents for formalities issues.

Other services

You have the option of setting aside paddle-board or kayak. These is also the possibility of renting fishing equipment for fishing lovers.

Free of charge ad

Place your ad free of charge with no duty in just a few clicks. Add the specifics of the boat, its cost, accessibility, as well as some attractive pictures and you are all set.

Adapted planned route

Although there is already a proposed route, Samboat can adapt its route according to the group’s interest and preference but can also change in case of weather conditions.

Secure payments

No need to burden, your payments is secure thanks to our secure payment form Samboat. The instruction of the rental and the security deposit are on line and completely secured. With these tools you are certain to be paid.

Choose your boat

Look for a perfect boat according to its price, size or accessibility. You can start your vacation in Croatia by hiring beautiful sailing yacht from Samboat. When you rent a boat, you will be able to explore boundlessly and sail under an amazing climate. You have the chance to sail with the boat of your choice. Samboat has more than 25 thousands boats what satisfy everyone to its least needs.

Peace minded

After getting advice from the appreciated owner on the navigation area, navigate quietly. Croatia offers a large amount of widespread journeys. It actually takes into account the country’s population. Be peace minded trust Samboat services.

A sailing holiday in Croatia is the best way to discover a thread of offshore island. It provides spectacular scenery don’t hesitate to do yacht rental croatia from Samboat.

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